Arrives at Parking Santiago, located 150 meters from the access to the airport and leaves us your vehicle that will be guarded in the parking lot without leaving the facilities.


We take you to the airport with our company car, leaving it right at the door of the departures terminal to take your flight.


When he arrives at the airport he calls us while he picks up the suitcases and as soon as he leaves we will be waiting for him in the same place that we had left him (Departure Terminal). We take you to Parking Santiago where your car will be waiting for you to leave.

Frequent questions

Do you work 24 hours?
Yes, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The facilities are always open from 05:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., to pick up or deliver a car outside of that schedule can only be done with prior reservation. or with a notice of 8 hours in advance. In case your flight arrives late, do not worry, the parking staff will be available until the flight lands, no matter what time it is.
How is the payment for the service made?
Payment can be made in cash or by card. With a card the minimum charge will be 15 euros, if the payment is made with a lower amount a 10% surcharge will be applied. Payment is not available with AMERICAN EXPRESS.
How long will it take you to take us to the airport and where you leave us?
Once the car enters the parking lot, between 5 and 10 minutes later they will be at the door of the Departures Terminal.
Is it obligatory to leave the keys?

Yes, for security for more information call us at 981 888 282.

How do we do if we take children?
Parking Santiago has chairs and elevators to take children in our vehicles.
Is it necessary to Reserve?
If it is mandatory. Due to our high occupancy it is necessary to book in advance.
How much tolerance time is there in the last 24 hours?
You have 6 hours of tolerance to be able to collect your luggage calmly without worrying about the small delays of the flight.
My vehicle is special, can I leave it at Parking Santiago?
The maximum clearance height is 2.20 m. Vehicles exceeding this height will not be picked up. For more information, call us at 981 88 82 82.
What should we do to get you to pick us up?
When you finish collecting your bags, call us at 981 88 82 82 and one of our employees will be waiting for you at the same place where we left you (Departure Terminal).
What is done with my car, just leave it in the parking?

When you arrive at Parking Santiago, our staff will park your car in the square reserved for you and will not touch you again until a few hours before you arrive, which will be left in the collection area ready for you to take it. We remind you that your car will not leave our facilities and will only move to wash it (if the client wishes).